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An Insight on the Best link building strategy to build your rank

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Search engine optimization continues to get businesses significant growth due to the advantages brought about by the first-hand advertisement. Search engine optimization, known as SEO, helps put your business’ online platforms on the front page of any search engine, making your business one of the best solutions provided to search engine users. For that reason, most companies try to find out the best strategies to take their pages up the ranks and put their businesses on the first page of any search engine. Although there are various strategies, link building is the most effective known strategies.

        You can use several strategies to ensure that link building works for you. If you do not know how you should not worry, our website provides you with the best link building strategy to build your rank.

Original Research

Online seo research

Originality is one of the best qualities of the best solution. As a business owner, you should try to provide your potential customers with a solution that separates you from other businesses. To do this, you have to take up several processes, as we have explained below:

You have to find a topic that relates to the solution that your customers want. This topic should be one that your customers want to know.

Make sure that you take on intense research that does not match any previous research handled by other businesses. This research should produce new findings that other firms missed and could provide a better insight into solving the problem at hand.

Once you complete your research, compile the results, and publish them on your blog. Adding other complementary blogs to support the findings would be a great way to build links and improve your ranks as an excellent source of the unique results.

Pay for Legit Links

link building

Many independent companies provide businesses with links to use in blogs and websites. Unfortunately, some companies take advantage of the importance of this strategy and offer links that end up messing up your business. Therefore, you should not depend on this strategy heavily. Most relationships that would work best are those that come from your connections, also known as organic links. The natural links you use would have no chances of messing up your blog or website. Therefore, you should take time to contact the owners of some of the best blogs and request to use these links. When you are sure of the quality of such relationships, you should have confidence in your links. Before using any of the links you purchase, conduct intense research and make sure that the content on such sites is legit enough to appear on your blog or website. Make sure that you use unique anchors for such links. It is mainly because a commonly used anchor would get attention from the search engine algorithm used to blacklist websites.

Using Social Media

social networks seo

Most people do not acknowledge the importance of sharing information on social media. However, this is one of the best link buildin

g strategies to build your rank. Social media is one of the most effective ways to link buildings. You have to ensure, however, that you do everything right in order; it increases your chances of getting higher up the ranks.  

Sharing on any social media platform is not sufficient. Before sharing anything, you have to find the target audience, which might be on any of the various social media platforms. Therefore, use tools that help you find the audience. Make sure that you find out some of the popular topics that the audience discusses. Make sure that you create and distribute information on these topics using social media platforms.


It is hard to go wrong with link building if you use the strategies above in the manner described. In doing so, you will improve your ranks in a much-needed way.


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